Alternative Ways to Hide the Fridge

Kitchen design has mostly remained static with certain basic trends throughout time. Yet modern kitchens are going against this by making changes to the refrigerator. Like the oven, the fridge traditionally has been ‘out there’ for everyone to see. However, with the advent of so many newer countertop appliances, many kitchen designers have been working to mask the fridge in clever ways.

hidden fridge

Camouflage: The most common way is to hide the fridge. This is usually done by placing a standard fridge into a specially built cabinet which matches the rest of the kitchen. Sometimes the unit itself is ‘decorated’ with the same finish as surrounding wooden cabinets.

stainless steel
Source: Kailey J. Flynn Photography via Houzz

Heavy Metal: With modern kitchen design trending towards metal, flanking your steel oven with a steel finished fridge and freezer makes the entire combo look like one unit.

hidden fridge
Source:  John Kraemer & Sons via Houzz

Repurposed Furniture: Cabinets are not the only thing which can hide a fridge! Things like antique armoires not only add class to the kitchen, but can hide a modern fridge which might clash with an old world decorative design.

Up and Away: In small kitchens, smaller ‘dorm’ fridges can be put in at eye-level height by staking the unit above another appliance like the dishwasher.

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