How to Pick the Right Hardware for Your Cabinets

Once you have decided on the design of your new kitchen cabinets, you will then need to consider what type of hardware you will be using for them. You will find that there is a vast selection of knobs and pulls made of all different types of materials, including metals, glass and ceramic. By choosing just the right hardware, you can create a unique look for your kitchen that will impress your guests for years to come.

How to Pick the Right Hardware for Your Cabinets

Use a few of these pointers to find the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen. Source: houzz

Consider these guidelines when choosing cabinet hardware:

  • Go with what is visually appealing, to your style, but also be sure to see how the hardware feels when in use. If it is uncomfortable for your hand, or appears unsteady, you should consider other choices.
  • A good strategy is to match your knobs or pulls to any exposed cabinet hinges.
  • You cannot go wrong by matching the hardware to the finish of your appliances. For example, if you have stainless steel in your kitchen, consider brushed nickel hardware.
  • You can mix and match different metals to create striking contrasts. For example, pair brushed nickel with polished chrome for an attractive look.

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